Services We Provide

Social/Emotional Development

  • Building positive peer, family, work, and social relationships
  • Identifying client interest, social groups, and resources
  • Advocate/consult with mental health professionals

Lifestyle Enrichment

  • Financial budgeting and organization
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Executive functioning skill development
  • Identification of social/recreational enrichment

Education Guidance

  • Course selection and scheduling
  • DRC assistance and accommodation plans
  • Planning and degree exploration
  • Tutorial support
  • Critical thinking strategies


  • Myers/Briggs assessments tools
  • Career assessments
  • Additional assessments related to Theracoaching

Employment Advisement

  • Career exploration
  • Employment-related support
  • ADAAA (American’s with Disabilities Act)
    • Employment disability-related disclosure in the workplace
    • Accommodation/analysis

Specialized Individualized Plans

  • Development with client and/or family
  • Comprehensive for employment/education
  • Life care plans

Training/Development & Educational Workshops

  • Parent workshops
  • Client workshops
  • Client classes
  • Employer workshops

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