My Majik Mind Paperback ? December 7, 2017

Our minds are wonderful things. They are designed to be able to create any idea we want them to. We can imagine many things when we use our minds, we can often see places we have been, places we want to go, things we want to do, and things we would like to make go away. You know things that are- well- boring, or maybe things that we thought would be boring that actually become quite fun. Sometimes people call this day dreaming. It is different than night dreams. Daydreams are sometimes good things that take you away into places that allow you to think of things you can do that no one else told you to do because you are using your own mind to do them. You can?t buy daydreams in the store, they are too special. You can?t buy a creative mind in the store, because they are one of a kind. You can?t create a Majik Mind out of plastic, only one is given to you in your lifetime and it is yours to protect and build on, and you must protect it with all caution, because it will take you far all through your life in ways you still cannot even imagine. There is nothing anyone can buy for you or give you, nothing you can put in your body (except healthy food). Trusting good people can give you wisdom and teach you knowledge of life to improve it or make it better! But your Majik Mind is uniquely you! Love it and enjoy it, it belongs to you!


Embracing the Monster: Overcoming the Challenges of Hidden Disabilities Paperback ? December 1, 2001